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If you’re looking for a plumbing contractor in Middletown OH to work on your plumbing system, then you want to find a trusted company. When you’re ready to hire for the service, contact Kevin W Puckett Plumbing to help you. We are in the business of plumbing maintenance and we have been providing this valuable service in Middletown OH for many years. We have great expertise in this field and we provide excellent services to clients in Middletown OH who are looking to get their plumbing system fixed and keep their property in great condition.

When you contact us, we will set up an appointment to come to your location to assess the job. We will evaluate the project and draw up a contract stating the details of the job including costs, start and expected completion date and other pertinent information. You will have a chance carefully to review the contract and sign it authorizing us to provide the services.

Address: 6460 Hetzler Road
Middletown, OH 45042

Phone: (513) 464-1520

by Jim S.

Called Kevin about a year ago to install our new dishwasher, he showed up on time hooked it up had it running in no time cleaned up everything. And all for a reasonable price (the plumbers we have used for 10 years were ripping us off badly) glad we found him will be calling him any time the need arises. Sorry it took me a year to finally post here.
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Professional plumbing services in Middletown OHSome home owners believe that they can avoid calling professional plumbers, by simply pouring drain opening chemicals down their pipes. Drain opening chemicals are extremely toxic and dangerous to handle. It’s always best to allow professional plumbers to come to your home, and properly diagnose the reason for your clogged drains. The issue might not require the use of chemicals. If the issue does require the use of chemicals, then our plumbers are licensed and trained to use chemicals in a way that keeps everyone in the home safe from harm or exposure.

The most reliable drain cleaning solutions by Kevin W Puckett PlumbingIt’s important to realize that major sewer and drain pipe incidents could be avoided in the first place by calling our plumbers, in order to schedule regular maintenance visits to your home. It’s always better to make sure that your drain and sewage pipes are clean and clear, all year long. No matter what season of the year it is outside, you’ll always have a need to make sure that your home’s plumbing system is up to par.

Sewer maintenance services for the Middletown OH regionWhen you choose to use the services provided by Kevin W Puckett Plumbing, you are indicating that you want the best quality service at the most reasonable rate. We have a team of the best trained and most knowledgeable plumbing professionals available. Our service crew come highly recommended in Middletown OH and they are quick to respond and will complete the task flawlessly. They pay attention to customers’ needs and work hard to ensure that you’re satisfied with our services and our prices. You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of service you get and how friendly, efficient and professional our team members are.

The most experience plumbing contractor in Middletown OHThere are many plumbing companies in Middletown OH that will offer to handle your plumbing needs , but you have to choose wisely when it comes to hiring a plumbing contractor who you trust to provide this valuable service. Not all plumbing companies provide satisfactory service. Avoid companies that provide mediocre service or charge excessive fees for unsatisfactory service.

Let us provide you with the best plumbing services available. You deserve the best quality service and affordable price so call Kevin W Puckett Plumbing today and you’ll understand why our customers always come to us when they need another plumbing service.

Hire the best plumber: (513) 464-1520

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